Recipiente Plastic

Recipient de baut CHILL 500ml+40ml

A practical capacious water bottle for warm days. The CHILL water bottle allows to cool beverage by ..

Recipient de baut STRAW 600ml

Sport bottle made of plastic and metal. 600 ml capacity. Equipped with a straw that helps to drink d..

Recipient de baut BRIN 600ml

The practical BRIN water bottle will be useful to anyone who wants to enjoy home-made drinks at scho..

Recipient de baut CURVE 830ml

Water bottle full of elegance in a sports world. Ergonomic shape and body covered in a special plast..

Recipient de baut FRUITY 700ml

The water bottle FRUITY allows to prepare fresh and healthy beverages for hot summer days. Just put ..

Recipient de baut INVO 500ml

When travelling or during training, INVO water bottle is a good solution. The water bottle is made o..