Articole Bucatarie

Recipient Hrana COLESLAV 1300ml

A practical food container with 2 compartments. Additionally, thanks to the fork and a spoon placed ..

Vas Hrana CESAR 800ml

The container for a salad is a must have for any healthy food lover but laso for anyone that would l..

Cutie de Supa CREME 640ml

The soup container is a very useful gadget. On cool days it is a perfect solution to maintain temper..

Recipient Hrana CLUSKY 1000ml

The CLUSKY container is a must-have gadget for anyone who enjoys home-cooked meals at school, work o..

Vas Hrana PANINI 900ml

The PANINI container is a large, simple container which is ideal for packing your lunch or some othe..

Vas hrana RELLA 530ml+10ml

On hot days the container with a cooling pack ensures freshness of food. Thanks to practical latches..

Vas Bucatarie VESO

The VESO container is a practical gift with a stylish look. It is ideal for storing food. The contai..

Sticla Bauturi ICE 650ml

A unique bottle that will let you make a lemonade all thanks to build in lemon squeezer and a coolin..

Recipient Hrana TRITI

The TRITI container made of wheat plastic consists of two compartments, one larger and the other sma..

Cutie Ceai TEA

A stylish box for tea made of bamboo. The box is divided into four parts which facilitates storing v..

Recipient Piper MOLER

MOLER ceramic pepper mill constitutes necessary equipment for any cook. A design and comfortable mil..

Set Boluri BOVLO

Set of three bowls for snacks on a bamboo board. Bowls are made of bamboo fiber which is responsible..

Bol Bucatarie LATTI

The LATTI bowl is a gadget that will be useful in a picnic or meeting in the garden. The capacious b..

Set bucatarie BRIE

CHEESE board for enthusiasts of French cheese is a necessary piece of equipment. The board has three..

Set Bucatarie MARTIS

The MARTIS set is a perfect solution for the afternoon in the garden. Thanks to colourful mugs you w..

Cantar Alimente SKALO

SKALO electronic kitchen scales are necessary kitchen equipment for all cooking enthusiasts. Accurac..

Set pentru Branzeturi CHEDDAR

The CHEDDAR cheese board is an elegant set for serving cheese. The CHEDDAR set is a must for meeting..

Set Gretar VISS

Barbecue set in a case: tongs, spatula, knife, fork and brush. The plate is attached separately.&nbs..

Cos Picnic PROVE

A stylish wicker picnic basket containing all the necessary picnic accessories. The adjustable strap..