Picnic & BBQ

Recipient Hrana COLESLAV 1300ml

A practical food container with 2 compartments. Additionally, thanks to the fork and a spoon placed ..

Recipient Hrana CLUSKY 1000ml

The CLUSKY container is a must-have gadget for anyone who enjoys home-cooked meals at school, work o..

Tacamuri Calatorie TREFOR

Practical during every trip utensils in the form of a pocket knife. The greatest advantage of this g..

Recipiente Hrana TOGO 700+700ml

The container with the inside made of stainless steel is divided into two parts which are stackable ..

Cos cumparaturi ABERTO

Shopping basket with two handles. It has additional zipped pocket. We will silk-screen print logo on..

Recipient Hrana TRITI

The TRITI container made of wheat plastic consists of two compartments, one larger and the other sma..

Pietre Whisky TENNESSEE

Whisky stones - total novelty on our market - gadget for demanding clients, especially for whisky lo..

Set Pranz RUKKO 1200ml+540ml

RUKKO Lunch Set has all elements you need for a successful lunch. It has a water bottle, a food cont..

Cos cumparaturi ACCO

Big shopping basket with a reinforced bottom. It is foldable and thus takes up very little space. ..

Cos cumparaturi frigorific FROS

A thermo shoppin basket. Perfect gadget to transport any kind of frozen product that requires to mai..

Set Gretar KOLM

Handy grill set containing the most useful grill equipment: spatula, tongs, spit. All is packed in u..

Set Gretar STEAK

An ideal compact set for barbecue season. The XIVI set includes: a spatula with a bottle opener, a f..

Set Gretar NANDO

The barbecue set with glove and apron, which also functions as a case. The set contains the most nec..

Set Bucatarie MARTIS

The MARTIS set is a perfect solution for the afternoon in the garden. Thanks to colourful mugs you w..

Geanta Frigorifica FROSTI

The FROSTI cooler basket is perfect for picnics and travelling. It is capacious and the interior iso..

Set Gretar VISS

Barbecue set in a case: tongs, spatula, knife, fork and brush. The plate is attached separately.&nbs..

Set Gretar TIMBER

A barbecue set in a metal suitcase containing 5 elements with wooden handles. The set includes: tong..

Geanta Picnic APETIT

A small yet practical picnic bag. The bag contains a picnic accessory set for two people: glasses, k..

Set Gretar OTTO

A barbecue set OTTO contains 14 elements packed in a metal suitcase. The set includes: tongs, spatul..

Rucsac Picnic LABU

LABU is the ultimate picnic solution. It contains all the necessary picnic accessories. The main com..